New England Cable News Launches the Solar Power Index with ASE Americas Solar Modules.


New England Cable News, supported by DoE, made great strides for solar energy and our environment by kicking off the Solar Power Index as part of their daily weather report. Each day weather reporters will broadcast to NECN’s 2.5 million viewers a measure of how much sun fell in the area and how much power they received from their 1 kW array of SunSine® AC Modules by Applied Power. These AC Modules use ASE’s ASE-300-DGF/50 photovoltaic module as their power source.

Tim Kelley, NECN’s senior weatherman has been observing a dramatic increase in severe storm count over his career. He believes that this increase may be related to global warming. He has been looking for ways of addressing the issues of global warming in a positive and proactive way on his broadcasts. The Solar Power Index brings the global issues of environment and economy to a personal level, where the most important action must be taken.

NECN will also use the Solar Power Index as common thread to educate their viewers about the environment, pollution, technology, conservation, economics and a whole host of other issues that solar power can and does touch. The report will also refer to a regional toll-free number to get more information about solar energy and how to purchase equipment and services. The number: 1-877-44Solar is managed by Northeast Sustainable Energy Association and sponsored by New England Electric Systems.

ASE Americas is pleased an honored to be a part of this partnership and look forward to working with NECN and other stations across the country to advance this concept.

New England Cable News Launches the Solar Power Index with ASE Americas Solar Modules.
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